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Welcome to, your quintessential site for audio books featuring supersexy fiction. And when we say supersexy, we mean super AND sexy! All our fiction caters to fans of (super) Girl Power and features stories of woman -- some good, some bad -- with powers and abilities far beyond those of normal folk. So if this sounds like your cup of tea, take a look around at the stories we have in our library. And remember to check back, as we are constantly adding new audio titles to our inventory!

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Super Me: Chapter VI

Lindsey decides that becoming the city's superheroine is the shortest path to achieve the type of attention she craves, but where to start?. Thankfully, some criminals decide to hijack an armored van, giving her the perfect opportunity to show the world what she can do now!

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Seizing the Moment: Part 2

This is Chapter 2, where Lucy starts to adapt to her new giantess status and crosses the bay into the city, stopping at a bridge to take a look at the world from her new vantage point of view. She will not be able to help herself from messing a bit with the now tiny population.

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A Day At The Office

When mysteriously sexy femme fatale Evelyn walks into private investigator Murphy's office, he's in for an action-packed rumble with a vampire clan that he won't soon forget. 2019 Quill Award Winner for Best Romance/Love Short Story over at

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Newest Arrivals


Synergy is earth's greatest champion. Laura Kingsford wants everything that he has, setting her sights on a superhero seduction. Will ahe discover his secret? Will she take it for her own? Find who will possess the symbiotic lifeform in the end, gaining powers beyond imagining.

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In a Class Of Her Own: Ch 3

Armed with unexpected knowledge about Fiona, Lilly works with Liam to set her plan into motion. Ready to take down the powerful girl once and for all, Liam makes an unexpected decision that will turn Lilly's plan on its head in this new, exciting chapter.

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In a Class Of Her Own: Ch 1

Lilly is accustomed to ruling her school. Unbelievably sexy and as strong as ten men, she does whatever she wants. When the government decides to allow higher classes of powered girls into her school, however, Lilly meets Fiona and realizes that she was very wrong!

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In a Class Of Her Own: Ch 2

Part 2: Lilly, stewing after being surpassed by not just one girl but two, meets a boy named Liam whose abilities spark an idea for Lilly to regain her former dominance over the school. First, however, she must team up with him to learn the secret behind Fiona's staggering power.

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The Lake

A group of unexceptional high school seniors discover a remote lake that makes them stronger and more beautiful with each visit. As the chill wind of fall ripples its surface, will these seemingly lucky kids be able to determine the secret flowing through the waters within... The Lake?

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Super Me: Chapter V

The adventures of Super Lindsey continue! She just was looking for a little retail therapy with her best friend, Marcy, but things quickly turn bad when a group of thugs try and spoil their evening. Bad for the thugs, that is, cause hell hath no fury like a super girl scorned!

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